Why Magento Engineer?

  • We have been in the business of developing and selling hardware products. From now on, we will not only develop hardware, but also develop services ourselves. The first concrete service will be direct sales and rentals to users.
  • We have chosen Magento as our platform of choice not only for sales and rentals, which we are about to launch, but for future services as well.
  • With the future in mind, we decided to hire a Magento engineer.
    Check the Magento Engineer job description.

  • Delivering Fun & Innovative Mobility for All

    • WHILL was created with the goal of building a platform for last-mile transportation
      – providing people with access to an innovative and well-designed personal mobility solution that
      can be used comfortability whenever needed.
    • This solution creates a seamless connection between existing transportation infrastructure and large facilities.
    • Introducing a new style of short-distance travel.
      WHILL is the last piece of transportation that no other means of transportation can provide.

    • Personal mobility business

    • MaaS business

    About Us

  • WHILL has been on a mission since its founding in 2012 to transform the traditional wheelchair and scooter experience. With innovative design and state-of-the-art technology, WHILL created a new category of Intelligent Personal Electric Vehicles (EVs) to increase user confidence and independence. WHILL is reinventing the personal mobility industry with approachable and aesthetically pleasing powered vehicles that push the boundaries of personal transportation. WHILL’s current models of Intelligent Personal EVs include the Model C and Model A, which are both available to test drive and purchase.
  • Headquartered in Yokohama, Japan with strategic offices in the US, Canada, China, and the EU, WHILL is focused on helping people with mobility issues increase their freedom and independence.
  • WHILL was founded in 2012. In recent years, we have been expanding our offices and business areas around the world.

    Job Description

    Employment requirements

  • 1.Outline and Description of Work
  • -Job Summary
  • Custom development, integration with other companies’ services, implementation and testing of Extensions, and other general development work using Magento.

  • -Job Details
  • Development of a payment system that integrates Stripe and Magento
  • Development of a membership registration system that integrates Auth0 and Magento
  • Development of a user data management system that integrates Salesforce and Magetno
  • Development of an inventory display system that integrates Magento with an in-house asset management system developed on AWS
  • Development of a telephone ordering system that integrates call center systems and Magento
  • Development of a marketing system that integrates Hubspot and Magento

  • 2.Skills&Experience(Must to have)
  • -2+ years of Magento development experience.
  • -Experience with custom development in Magento, as well as running default features.

  • 3.Skills&Experience(Nice to have)
  • -System design and development experience
  • -Experience in DB design and development
  • -Experience with Magento and Stripe integration development
  • -Salesforce development experience
  • -Technical research and technical QA with product vendors

  • 4.Others
  • -Language:English (Business level) or Japanese (Business level)
  • -Remote work is possible.

  • The process

  • 1.Web interview *Multiple times
  • 2.1 month freelance contract
  • Followings are negotiable.
  • -How many times will you work in a week.
  • -How much you will be paid per day.
  • After one month, we make a final decision. Start applying for a visa.
  • 3.Until the visa is granted, you will work as a freelancer.
  • It might take 1-2 months.
  • 4.Start working

  • How to Apply

  • Please send your resume by e-mail.
  • E-mail address: jp.recruit@whill.inc